Puppy Dogs

It’s a series of stories about puppy dogs who can’t resist helping their friends in need.
In each book, you can create your own stories through fun activities such as decorating with colored strings, coloring, sewing, and playing with stickers.

Fairy Momo

Momo, a cute fairy who lives in a forest, loves his friends. He also loves learning new things while playing with his friends. Find out what he does with friends today!

Fairy Coco

Here is a granny fairy Coco, who likes eating and cooking delicious food. Finish the story about her on your own. You may become a great cook yourself while you follow along Coco’s journey. 

Easy Math

Here is a curious monkey. He likes new challenges with math problems. Help him with his challenges, and you may discover your own hidden abilities in math. Does it still sound too difficult?
Don’t worry, and just focus on enjoying, as if you play fun games.

Solving Problems

Finish the stories about indecisive Suzy, talkative Lulu, Duckling on his first day at school, and foolish Charlie on your own through art activities. Can’t wait to listen to your exciting stories!