A puppy dog named Didi considers himself all grown-up and has a lot on his mind.
Do you wonder what he’s thinking about? Would you like to hear him out?


The Bear has a stumpy tail, the crab has no head, the bean has a black line on its tummy, and the bee has only one sting. Do you wonder why? Then, read the WHY series.


Hmm... I smell something delicious. Where is it from?
Ah-ha, it’s from the FOOD series. Let us read these delicious stories!


Are giants nice? Or are they scary?
Here are some stories of huge giants.
Take a guess what happens if you run into them!


When you hear of a fairy, what comes to your mind? Is she a cute little creature with pretty wings? Find out what different kinds of fairies live in the world from this series.


Packed full of fascinating pictures, this series features princes and princesses stories of all time. Dive into the world of fantasy and enjoy!


Math sounds difficult and complicated, but hidden behind it are some interesting stories. Read these stories about people who dedicated their life to math, and you might like math a little more!


Do you know any famous artists? How did they become an artist? Find out what special things happened to them, and you will probably feel more familiar with them and their artwork.


Enjoy interesting stories in cartoons. The text looks long, but it’s not hard to read. The pictures will tell the stories. Let’s go explore the exciting world of cartoon stories!